Network & Security

As a business owner, you need to be heavily mindful of the security of your business network. A small gap in security is more than enough to cause significant damage to your business. Hence, you should not allow any security gaps to exist in your network.

Network & Security

You should implement tight security policies and ensure that you are protected by all means. However, ensuring network security is something that you cannot do on your own. You need the expertise of network security professionals. That’s where Teknolog Technologies can help.

We will provide you with the right network surveillance systems, which will ensure that your networks are always safe. Our cybersecurity specialists will analyze your business in detail and provide you with these solutions. As a result, you can keep peace of mind as you manage the day-to-day activities of your business.


How can we tighten your network security?

We follow a variety of methods to tighten the overall security of your network. Here’s an overview of the different methods that we follow to help you out.

-          Antivirus solutions

We will provide the best antivirus solutions to tighten the security of your network based on our expertise. The antivirus solutions we offer to your network gateway would inspect both incoming as well as outgoing packets, and make sure that no threats are discovered.

-          Firewall solutions

Our security experts are known for offering the best firewall solutions to businesses. Firewalls make sure that no unauthorized person can access your network. It would monitor both incoming as well as outgoing traffic to ensure network security. We will be able to configure your network firewall with appropriate hardware and software solutions. You can keep your business data safe with the services we offer.

-          VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions

If you are allowing your employees or partners to access your internal network, you need to make sure that they do it through a secure VPN tunnel. We can help you with getting such a VPN tunnel implemented in place.

A VPN tunnel provides a secure communication channel with a third party. Once the VPN is established, no other external party will be able to gain access to the data that is being communicated. This will help you to ensure the protection of your sensitive data and keep them away from falling into wrong hands.

-          Intrusion detection and prevention solutions

We develop intrusion detection and prevention solutions so that you can easily spot all intruders to your network. In fact, we make sure that no intruder can access your network. You don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of the systems we develop as we will be monitoring the packets of the network. If there is a threat, an alert will be triggered right away to the system administrator. In case there is an attack, a network administrator will quickly respond and block access to the intruder.

-          Web filtering solutions

Your employees who browse the internet can unwillingly take in threats to your network. This is where our web filtering solutions can help you. We will implement appropriate filtering methods so that your employees will not be able to access websites that possess threats. Our web filtering solutions can also provide maximum protection to you against phishing attacks and malware attacks. Apart from URL filtering, we can ensure that your employees don't spend their time browsing through unwanted content during business hours.

We can help you with network security analysis as well

The cybersecurity specialists at Teknolog Technologies can help you with conducting network security analysis. We follow a checklist and do the analysis, and we make sure that nothing is missed out.

At the time of conducting the network security analysis, we pay attention to multiple factors. They include your network logging traffic, physical conditions, resource consumption, structured cabling, existing security solutions, and network operations. This will help us to understand the area of your network where security has to be further enhanced. We can also do those enhancements for you.