IT Consolidation & Virtualization

Virtualization is a popular topic in the tech industry. It is all about using virtual architecture, instead of using physical hardware or physical servers. Physical infrastructure is associated with numerous drawbacks. For example, you will only be able to have one-to-one relationships. However, virtualization can provide one-to-many relationships, which can help you with achieving IT consolidation.


IT Consolidation & Virtualization

It will not be possible for you to proceed with virtualization on your own. You need to seek the assistance of a team of experts to guide you throughout the process. That’s where you may think about contacting our team of experts at Teknolog Technologies.

How can we help you with IT consolidation and virtualization?

We use a hypervisor to help you with virtualization. This is where your applications and operating systems are separated from the computer hardware. We will then be deploying them in the Virtual Machines. Physical computing resources will be shared when the Virtual Machines are up and running. This will provide flexibility to you in terms of network bandwidth and storage space. We provide storage, application, desktop, and server virtualization services to you.

IT Consolidation & Virtualization

Why should you go ahead with IT consolidation and virtualization?

One of the key benefits that you can get out of IT consolidation and virtualization is the ability to have flexibility with resources. For example, you will be able to optimize bandwidth and storage according to the specific needs that you have. We will be using advanced dynamic resource management tools to assist you.

Virtualization can help you to save a considerable amount of money on operational expenses as well. This will help you to improve your business continuity and streamline your disaster recovery options. On top of everything, virtualization can help you to take an extra step in moving your business to the cloud as well.



  • Quickly add dozens of virtual drives and new servers on a single server
  • Server usage and optimization
  • Advanced dynamic resource management
  • No additional cost when adding a new server or elevator
  • Reduce operation and costs with server virtualization using less hardware to increase energy
  • Improve business continuity and health recovery for your virtual infrastructure with your disaster recovery solutions
  • Configurable on server hardware
  • Full compatibility with all servers, virtual pass pass from exam
  • Cloud compatibility