System Administration & Monitoring

Your IT Systems are supposed to run 24x7 and offer value to your business. However, there are situations where your IT Systems can give trouble. Our System Administration and Monitoring services can make sure that you will never encounter such problems. That's because we proactively monitor your systems and make sure that you don't have to experience system downtimes. Even if you experience downtime, we will take immediate steps to get it up and running.

System Administration

System Management

We use automated software applications to manage your systems and ensure that they run 24 hours a day. When we get a red flag, we will immediately attend to it. For example, if you are about to run out of capacity, we will take appropriate steps to increase capacity on demand. Likewise, we will also take proactive measures during security risks, such as during DDoS attacks.

The way how we manage our systems helps us to detect errors quickly. Even if there are unexpected system outages, we make sure that you get the fastest support from specialists. We will be running planned system maintenance activities as well to keep your systems in their best condition at all times.

– Monitoring of user activities

– Monitoring the capacity

– Security management

– Capacity management

– Monitoring network capacity and usage

– Monitoring the accessibility of the system

– Easy detection of errors

– Providing accurate SLA statistics in planned maintenance studies

System Monitoring


Teknolog Technologies provides you with System Administrators, who will monitor your systems and ensure their functionality at all times. The system administrator can manage users, security threats, capacity, software installation, equipment management, and everything in between.

Systems management and monitoring enables customers to more efficiently use resources such as hardware and software in the workplace; It reduces costs with the help of less labor and responds immediately to problems such as system outages.

System administration includes the following items:

- Equipment

– Server monitoring and setup

– Software installation

– Anti-virus and anti-malware management

– User activity monitoring

– Capacity Monitoring

– Security Management

– Capacity management

– Network capacity and usage monitoring